Searching Overseas

ProQuest Education Database

Considering the previously successful search strings from other searches and a growing knowledge of Boolean operators, I considered the commonly used American term ‘guided inquiry’, and started with the search strings below. However, the results from these basic searches where only splatted with random key words and appeared too general for my investigation.

“guided inquiry” AND learning AND “primary school” AND geography         (8 hits)

(“guided inquiry” OR “inquiry learning” OR “inquiry-based learning”) AND (“elementary school” OR “middle school”) AND geography                         (254 hits)

Using the right hand margin to refine the search, I selected ‘scholarly journals’ and customised the publication dates from 2004 – 2014. Within the subject headings I included and excluded topics to target my focus topic. This feature allowed more accurate searching within the focus as well as avoiding the topic of science, which is frequently connected to the inquiry learning phrase. I found this process the most successful and efficient within ProQuest Education, as the search catered best for the topic of inquiry learning in primary school geography, however, only one article was deemed relevant to my investigation.

Refining the Search

Refining the Search


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