Description of the Information Learning Activity (ILA)

A very brave group of Year 4 students put on their ‘David Attenborough’ hats and began a 9 week project, involving an inquiry process which combined the learning areas of English, Geography and Technology. The creation and production of their own movie documentaries represented the finale of this learning process.

The students were asked to

  • develop a geographical question to investigate
  • collect information and data to answer the inquiry question
  • describe and compare a range of characteristics of different countries in different continents
  • identify the features of places and describes their location
  • draw conclusions about factors that affect the characteristics of places
  • use a range of texts and geographical terminology to communicate their findings and ideas (ACARA, 2014)



ACARA. (2014). Australian Curriculum. Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum F-10. Geography. Retrieved September 20, 2014.


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